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DJ John Dow

De Bedrijven

great dj  Take a deep breath...                        Enjoy video. 2:30

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JD should be the DJ of your choice each time you are looking for a great DJ. He understands and will create the perfect atmosphere your venue or event demands. JD understands your audience, he is not the average DJ, but takes it to the highest possible level. JD is not a human jukebox, but will present you with a great DJ set containing his personal handpicked selection recordings, optimized for the given occasion. This will take you on a musical round trip experience. JD can take it really slow or take you all the way through the roof, enhancing his specialized flavors from Jazzy Lounge, Mashed up Eclectic sounds to Rocking Electro, with Soulful Funky Vocal Groovy house tunes in between

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